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Swimming the way mermaids do

Choose your fav color and allow our colorful mermaid-tails make you a beatiful mermaid!

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Looking for the coolest mermaid tail for this Summer?

Designed with the most beautiful colors and rst-rate materials

About us

We are a group of entrepreneurs whose main objective is to bring joy and happiness to the little ones at home

Our Mision

Offer high-end products made with the purpose of satisfying children’s happiness,motovating them to develop not only theircreativity but also their emotional intelligence

Our Goal

Offer an amazing experience to little girlsthat will last forever by having the dreamof being a mermaid come true not only by feeling like one of them but also by looking like one of them

Our team

Is a group of professionals always willing to provide the best experience to the customers shapedby the most rigorous standards of safety and quality that bring aestheticsto makefeel our little ones the queens of the pool and beaches

How does it work?

Follow these easy insttructions and before you notice you will bepushing though the water

Acquire the monofin

The first step is to have this little accesory that will make possible and easy swim underwater.

Put on the monofin

Once you get the monon is time to use it; wear it! It is as easy as tying up your shoelaces.

Set the design

After setting the coolest design,it ́s timeto be a real mermaid. Have fun!

Not only are our beatiful mermaid tails comfotable and long-lasting, but also countwith all the safety measures needed to be a mermaid.

Get to know our models

Our satisfy customers

Many girls are already swimming with the mermaids, and are more than satisfied! Check out their experiences.

“I want to thank you guys for selling such a nice tail…. Last time we ordered a cheap version somewhere else and didn’t last… it was just a matter of seeing it to realize quality was low…. I wasn’t really sure about getting another one but my daughter loved the last one.. so I decided to give it a second try. highly recommended.”

“Can’t wait to make my lil sister try this out in the river! She is USA size 10-12 in bottoms the guide suggested getting a small and it fits just perfectly because the material is stretchy enough so I think is better that way. It was a kind of difficult getting her feet into the monofin the first time though. “

” I would highly recommend this mermaid tail, obviously under your supervision. Sofia was actually really happy wearing it, so there are not regrets at all.”